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Discover Your Step-by-Step 8 Week Roadmap to Break Into Hollywood, Sell Your Scripts & Build a Successful Career

Join award winning producer Gary W. Goldstein for 8 powerful weeks, he’ll walk you through exactly how to break into Hollywood, and pursue your dream career with confidence. Finally, you can stop waiting for the phone to ring, and take your future into your own hands.

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$1 Billion

Multiple Academy

"In an online pitchfest this week, seven producers instantly asked to read my script and two others asked for my e-mail address. I have never experienced anything close to those results in the past. All thanks to Gary W. Goldstein. He has magic up his sleeve!
Jan Stanton, Screenwriter
"In an online pitchfest this week, seven producers instantly asked to read my script and two others asked for my e-mail address. I have never experienced anything close to those results in the past. all thanks to Gary W. Goldstein. He has magic up his
Jan Stanton, Screenwriter
Are You Dreaming of a Successful, Meaningful & Impactful Career in Hollywood?
Not just a hobby. An inspiring and fulfilling career that gives you the freedom to share your stories with the world.

Perhaps you've been pouring your heart and soul into practicing your craft for years now…Following and admiring the work of Hollywood’s most brilliant, creative minds…

And dreaming of the day that your name is on the map, and your stories are told to and loved by millions.

If you aspire to a life like this, you might relate to some of the following:
  • You want access and real relationships with people who believe in you enough to move your career forward​
  • ​You want to be seen, heard, and appreciated for the unique voice you bring
  • ​You want to finally sell your scripts and have your stories brought to life
  • ​You want complete, unshakable confidence that you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing with your life
And above all else, you want to experience lasting success.
You want to turn your talent into your livelihood.
But there's always been something standing between you and your dream...
But there's always been something standing between you and your dream...
In such a competitive and unpredictable industry, there is no straight path forward. Not compared to those around you pursuing “typical” career paths. You’ve chosen an unconventional life that inspires, drives, and excites you… but at the same time, that can also feel incredibly overwhelming, lonely, and impossible.
Have you ever experienced any of this…
  • You’ve poured so much time and energy into improving your skills, but no one in the industry seems to recognize your talent? And you’re not sure how much more rejection and disappointment you can handle…
  • ​You send out dozens of blind query letters every month, only to hear nothing back? And you’re so frustrated not knowing how to stop your scripts ending up at the bottom of the pile…
  • ​You’ve watched other young creatives from afar effortlessly selling their scripts and closing big name deals? And you want to know when it’ll be your turn to be discovered…
  • You’re writing the types of stories you think people want to hear, but struggle to stand out amongst the competition? And you don’t want to have to sacrifice your authentic and unique voice…
  • ​You wish you could jump full-time into pursuing this career, but you know you still need to provide for your family? And despite how passionate you are about your work, you can’t take that risk...
  • You’re overwhelmed with loneliness in this journey, and have no idea where to turn to for encouragement, advice, or direction? And not many people in your life truly understand the challenges you’re facing…
And worst of all, perhaps you’ve lost faith and belief in yourself somewhere along the way. You feel like maybe you’re just not cut out for this industry.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Aspiring creatives face these challenges every single day. With no clear roadmap to success, so many talented and passionate people are forced to give up in frustration, leaving their huge potential to waste.

Your journey doesn’t have to be like this...
What if there was a clear pathway to a lasting Hollywood career that didn’t leave your future up to chance?
A proven roadmap to help you stop waiting to be discovered, and to take your success into your own hands.
Introducing Gary W. Goldstein - producer of some of the world’s highest ever grossing films, including the blockbuster hit Pretty Woman, Mothman Prophecies, Under Siege, and many more.

After 25 years in the film industry, having overcome so much rejection, heartache, and mistakes, Gary has paved the way for aspiring creatives today. Creatives who don’t want to waste years, or risk their work remaining undiscovered, but want to have greater impact… sooner. 

For the first time ever, he wants to extend his powerful mentorship to you. The same personal guidance, simple strategies, and actionable solutions he’s used to launch the careers of some of Hollywood’s greatest screenwriters today.

Finally, you can get real world advice from a mentor who has been where you ’re at, and knows beyond a shadow of a doubt what your fastest path to success will be.
There’s never been a better time to pursue your screenwriting career
In 2021, streaming giant Hulu has set aside $3 billion to spend on original content. Amazon Prime is projected to double that, with a $6 billion budget. And Netflix? They ’re expected to spend up to $60 billion this year on new shows and movies. 

That’s just 3 of over 200+ streaming services available on demand around the globe.

Never has there been more demand from people for new stories to entertain and inspire them.

Never has there been more networks, channels and streaming services fighting to be the one to bring those stories to life. 

And never has there been greater opportunity for aspiring creatives like you to claim your seat at this table. 

Whether you dream of being a screenwriter, a filmmaker, or any other kind of creative in the film and TV industries… now is the time.
Gary has worked alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood…
The Creative Edge 8 Week Master Class
An intensive, immersive, and intimate program designed to help you make real progress and create meaningful success, so you can finally share your stories and talent with the world.
Through practical, self-paced training, and Gary ’s real, raw and hands-on bonus coaching, you ’ll finally be able to transform your talent into a real career that supports and sustains your lifestyle.

It’s time to stop waiting for permission. Take hold of your own creative career with laserlike precision, and become part of the ‘lucky ’ few who enjoy the rewards of a successful screenwriting career.
Over 8 Life Changing Weeks! You’ll Finally Get the Tools & Support You Need…
  • Develop your own personalized action plan to break into Hollywood, gain access, and finally have your work acknowledged.
  • Level up your inner circle to create meaningful relationships and build a supportive network of people who can make a difference in your life and career.
  • Get noticed by Hollywood’s most influential people from anywhere in the world (even if you ’re not based in LA).
  • ​Craft the winning pitch to make your scripts absolutely irresistible, increase your success rate and get your screenplays read.
  • ​Avoid wasting time sending out dozens of ineffective blind query letters. Learn how to get the right person’s attention easier, quicker and more effectively so you can accelerate your career much faster.
  • ​Develop a unique creative signature to give your work an edge against your competition in an authentic and lasting way.
And most importantly, you’ll gain the self-belief and confidence you need to stop playing it safe, and turn your dream into a reality!
Everything you Need to Pursue Your Screenwriting Dreams with Confidence & Finally Claim the Career You Crave…
Live, Hands-On Coaching With Award Winning Hollywood Producer,
Gary W. Goldstein
Value-packed live coaching calls with Gary to answer every question you have about selling your scripts, building your relationships, and pursuing your goals and dreams.
Lifetime Access to Gary's 8 Week Master Class
Proven tools, training and effective strategies for a successful creative career.
Join Our Online Community of Passionate, Like-Minded Creatives
Stop going it alone, and experience the support of other storytellers, writers, and creatives on the same journey as you.

Life-Changing Career Transformations are the NORM for Master Class Students
“Gary’s course has been like jet fuel for my project”
“Gary’s a creative genius. With Gary, you just rise in your potential.”
“If you’re thinking of joining… You’ve gotta do it
“Creative Edge is a fantastic program…
hours and hours of his time”
A Proven, 8 Week Roadmap to
Breaking Into Hollywood & Building a
Successful Screenwriting Career
When you choose to become a creative freelancer, it feels like there are no rules. There’s no map. You’re simply waiting for that call where someone tells you by pure chance, you’ve sold your script! 

But if the phone doesn’t ring, you start to believe your work isn’t good enough. You ’re not cut out for this business, right?
Many brilliant, creative minds struggle in Hollywood not because they aren’t talented, or capable of amazing things… It’s because they ’re stuck!

They believe there’s no clear path to success.

But, what if it didn’t have to be that way for you? What if you knew the right way through? What if you could replace feeling confused, lost, and random with a map that led to clarity, confidence and conviction?
Your work is valuable, and your stories are worthy of being told… you just need the right roadmap to show you how to make others believe in you.
Through the power of human-to-human relationships and authentic marketing, Gary has crafted a sure-fire way to make real progress as a creative, and take your success into your own hands.
And for the first time ever, Gary has turned the proven strategies he’s taught to some of the most  successful  screenwriters in Hollywood into a simple, 8 week system you can access from wherever you are in the world.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the enormous value inside…
Week #1: Level-Up
Your Network

Discover how to create authentic, human conversations that make you stand out amongst the noise, and leave the competition behind.
During week 1, you’ll discover how to…
  • Gain access and build rapport with the real decision-makers in Hollywood
  • Identify and target new allies and champions to build your ‘Top 100 List’
  • ​Use small but frequent interactions to leave a memorable impression on your network

Week #2: Your
D.O. List

Design a unique and personalized action plan that opens more doors and opportunities for your career.
During week 2, you’ll discover how to…
  • Use ‘desired outcomes’ that cause people to automatically and subconsciously say ‘yes’ to you
  • Effortlessly build follow-up into every interaction you have
  • ​Turn new contacts into meaningful, career-driving relationships with one simple (yet crucial) key
Week #3: Your
Most Valuable Asset

Discover how the assistants in Hollywood will become your greatest champions and gatekeepers of your success, and how to quickly build rapport with them.
During week 3, you’ll discover how to…
  • Accelerate your influence and results with a simple ‘role reversal’ strategy no one is teaching you
  • Build warm, personal relationships with people that matter with Gary’s powerful questions, research, and follow-up strategies
  • ​Double your network using a simple and human approach to your conversations
Week #4: Identifying & Testing Your Most Powerful Story

Stop following the herd, and discover why authenticity is the most powerful quality a screenwriter can bring to Hollywood.
During week 4, you’ll discover how to…
  • Stop waiting for permission, and become the most effective advocate of your work
  • Stay true to your convictions and talents, and write the stories that Hollywood is truly craving to hear
  • ​Build an inner-circle you can trust to give feedback that strengthens your work

Week #5: Make Every
Meeting Count

Master the art of crafting and delivering the perfect pitch that turns every meeting into a valuable experience for both parties no matter the result.
During week 5, you’ll discover how to…
  • Stop trying to ‘sell’ your scripts, and craft an authentic pitch that makes your stories irresistible
  • Rehearse your pitch using Gary’s 4 simple approaches, so you can enter every meeting with confidence
  • ​Naturally optimize every moment with insiders to help speed your success
Week #6: Take Control & Create Your Own Content

Discover the huge opportunity you have to collaborate with other artists, and turn your scripts into a stand-out short film.
During week 6, you’ll discover how to…
  • Find quality collaborators and creatives to bring your scripts to life in a powerful way
  • Get your short films in front of Hollywood’s elite talent online, so you can gain their attention and showcase your talents
  • ​Grow a powerful online presence and fan-base that champions your work and extends your stories’ reach
BONUS Week #7:
Persistence (aka Pig-Headed Determination)

Why rejection isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a creative, and how you can capitalize off of every “failure” you experience.
During week 7, you’ll discover how to…
  • Turn every “no” you receive into an opportunity and conversation-starter that moves your career forward
  • Flip the script. Learn how to make failure and rejection work to your advantage.
  • ​Explode your productivity and erase stress with two quick and easy exercises
BONUS Week #8:
Query 10x

Replace ‘blind’ query letters with this super-charged strategy to 10x the number of responses you receive back.
During week 8, you’ll discover how to…
  • Make every interaction you have an expected and welcome event, so you can avoid landing at the bottom of the script pile
  • Effortlessly build in your follow up so your network are waiting to hear from you
  • ​Speed past your competition by adding 3 simple sentences to your emails
And much, much more ...
But, information will only get you so far. That’s why the real power behind The Creative Edge Master Class’ success is this BONUS:
LIVE, Coaching with the
Producer of Pretty Woman, Gary W. Goldstein
LIVE, Coaching with the
Producer of Pretty Woman,
Gary W. Goldstein
Hi, I’m Gary Goldstein. When you join the Master class program, I will gift you 1 month of powerful LIVE coaching with me. I will share the real world solutions you need to overcome the challenges holding you back right now. 

I will be the support you’ve been missing. You ’ll have my encouragement, belief, and unconditional commitment to your goals. I’ll answer every question you have without restrictions. I’ll share real stories from 25+ years in this industry - including the good, bad and ugly stories of rejection and failure - so you can avoid making all the mistakes I made.
Why am I sharing all of this with you?
Because I understand how exceptionally lonely a creative career in Hollywood can be. Before my big break with Pretty Woman, I didn’t know a soul in Hollywood - I was simply a creative with a dream! But as a former introvert who went from zero connections to producing Oscar-nominated movies, I’m living proof that anyone can do it. I know that with the right roadmap and support, you can turn your dreams into a reality. 

I believe in you. I want to gift you a whole month of free coaching, so you can unlock your full potential and share your stories with the world.
And this Master Class
is just the beginning…
Your career journey is just that - a journey. A winding, unpredictable road full of challenges and victories. That’s why, if you want someone to continue walking the path with you so you never give up on your dreams, I’ll be right here.
And this Master Class
is just the beginning…
Your career journey is just that - a journey. A winding, unpredictable road full of challenges and victories. That’s why, if you want someone to continue walking the path with you so you never give up on your dreams, I’ll be right here.
The harsh reality: 99% of aspiring creatives won’t make it in Hollywood on their talent alone.
Success doesn’t happen by chance…
You have a talent and stories that are worthy of being shared with the world, but chances are, no one has shown you how to get your work into the spotlight until now. While there are thousands of teachers and resources on how to write a script and perfect your craft, it’s extremely rare to find an insider who is willing to share their trade secrets on how to actually market your work and turn your talent into a career.

That’s what makes The Creative Edge Master Class different. By laying out in detail how to turn your dreams and goals into a smart, actionable plan, you’ll see just how possible it is to create your own success in Hollywood.
No more waiting to be discovered.
No more standing still while your competition overtakes you. No more staring at the phone, hoping it will ring.
Now, you can take your career into your own hands!

But a warning: this Master Class does require a willingness to move out of your comfort zone - that place where you settle for less than you are capable of. It’s time to stop playing it safe, get out of your comfort zone and truly believe in your talent and its ability to change the world around you!
Why Other Creatives Are Loving Gary’s Master Class & Coaching…
1. It’s Personalized
Whatever your career goals, Gary’s personalized coaching based on years of experience will give you the edge you need to advance your career, tailored to exactly where you’re at in your journey.

2. It’s Hands On
You’ll move quickly past the theory, and put your learning into practice with intensive role-playing, live Q&A coaching, and 50+ personalized exercises, so you can overcome any fear and insecurity, and feel confident calling the shots.
3. It’s Supportive
You’ll join an inclusive community of like-minded creatives on the same journey as you, so you’ll have the ability to listen and learn from others, access the support and advice you’ve been craving, and stop going it alone.
4. It’s Simple
Instead of relying on guesswork or luck, Gary will share with you his simple but life-changing habits to open doors, save years, and deliver a far greater reward than just money.

When You Join The Creative Edge Master Class (Valued at $3620), You’ll Gain Access to:
Plus, when you act today, you’ll also receive these on-demand additional bonuses:
BONUS #3 - Special Report: Copyright (valued at $47)
How to Protect Your Intellectual Property with 4 Simple Steps in 15-minutes or Less

Discover the 4 simple steps you can take today to safeguard the future of your creative business, and copyright your intellectual property in just 15-minutes.
BONUS #4 - What Producers Do (valued at $47)
A complete list of producers functions from development, pre-production, production, post-production.

Understand the important position a producer takes in developing blockbuster films & shows, and how they can become a catalyst for your career success.
Your Investment to Join The Creative Edge Master Class (Valued at $3620)…
Join today to receive more than 90% off the value of this life changing MasterClass, and 1 month of hands on coaching with Gary, for just $397
So, when you join Gary’s Master class today, you get the first month of his live coaching free.
That’s a minimum of 4 hours over the course of 2 calls to receive the support, and real world advice that will keep you moving forward on your journey. And if you choose to continue beyond the first month, the cost will be just $97/mth (cancel anytime).
Our 30 Day ‘Make or Break’ Guarantee
We are serious about supporting your creative dreams, and helping you move your career forward. And, we want you to feel 100% confident in making this decision to invest in your future by making it totally risk free.

If you don’t feel that this Master Class could completely transform your career, simply let us know within 30 days from purchase and we’ll give you a full refund of your money.
Listen to what just some of the 100s of Master Class Students are saying…
“Because of Gary, especially his ‘gatekeeper’ strategy, I just produced and my brother just directed our first feature length film. In just several months, we had major players attending screenings of our short film and taking meetings with us, which lead to an offer and signed deal to produce/direct our first major film. All this was 100% the result of ‘tools’ Gary gave us.”
Pina De Rosa, Producer
“Gary completely changed the trajectory of my experience as a writer.”
“I always wanted to be in the film industry. I just never knew how. Gary answered all of it.”
“Gary’s course has been like jet fuel for my project.”
Your Once in a Lifetime Opportunity
There Has Never Been a Better Time in History to Pursue Your Creative Career Goals…
Audiences and buyers are hungering for new talent, new stories, and new perspectives. Gone are the days of a one size fits all appetite to entertainment, as more people crave on demand access to the shows and films they love. In short, this is a really good time to be a creative professional!
So the question is…

Audiences and buyers are hungering for new talent, new stories, and new perspectives. Gone are the days of a one size fits all appetite to entertainment, as more people crave on demand access to the shows and films they love. In short, this is a really good time to be a creative professional!
So the question is…
Will you make the most of the opportunity available to you?
Are you ready to finally be recognized for the blood, sweat and tears you’ve poured into your craft? And to turn your passion and talent for screenwriting into a fulfilling career you love? Now is the time to stop dreaming about being discovered, and to make the bold and courageous move to take your future into your own hands and find your place in this world. It’s time to believe in your authentic, powerful, and unique voice, and to let others see just how valuable your work truly is.

With the tools in Gary’s Master Class and high touch coaching, you’ll step through a wide open door to your future with confidence. It’s time to find your voice in this industry, gain access to the gatekeepers of your success, and turn your goals into a reality sooner!
The truth is, you have two choices…
You stay on the path you’re on, continuing to write powerful stories and scripts but get you the same results you’ve had over the past 12 months.
You stay on the path you’re on, continuing to write powerful stories and scripts but get you the same results you’ve had over the past 12 months.

You make the brave and powerful decision today to work with Gary - the producer of one of the greatest box-office hits of all time, Pretty Woman. A man who, over 25 years, found his way from complete outsider to Hollywood Royalty and made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. Someone who is willing to give you a proven roadmap and his unconditional support every step of the way, championing you to achieve the career you’ve always dreamed of?
So, which will it be.
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